A series highlighting the suppliers who make ASAP’s global network so powerful.

Supplier Spotlight: Rocla

Imagine staffing a warehouse with some of the world’s most dependable, fully automated AGVs: No accidents. Skyrocketing safety levels. Smooth workflows allowing 24/7 operations. Employees freed up from the repetitive work that sinks morale and drains energy from the workforce.

Because of ASAP’s long-term partnership with Rocla, this vision of Industry 4.0 is now possible in China through long-term rentals, fleet outsourcing or purchase. ASAP has recently deepened its partnership with Rocla and has already successfully implemented their AGVs at several plants and warehouses in China.

Founded in Europe, Rocla has a 75-year history in the handling industry. Above all, Rocla is synonymous with AGVs (automated guided vehicles), a technology it has been offering to the handling industry since 1983. Needless to say, AGV technology has made huge advances since then, and so has Rocla. To date, Rocla has delivered over 7,000 AGVs worldwide, and the company ranks among the top global AGV manufacturers.

Rocla AGV introduction video

Over its 30+ years in the automation industry, Rocla has also become one of the world’s top innovators and R&D specialists for AGV technology. Now part of the Mitsubshi Logisnext group, Rocla runs the group’s global design center in Finland, where Rocla was originally founded.

For Rocla, the question was never if they would come to China, but how and when – there is simply no automation market as large and dynamic as China’s.

By 2017, for instance, the market had already reached 22,000 units, a figure initially forecast for 2020. In the following year, the market increased by an additional 63%.

The drive for automation is also coming from above; the Chinese government’s “Made in China 2025” initiative sets robotics as a top policy goal, identifying automation as key to China’s long-term competitiveness and leadership in the world. With market forces and government fully backing automation, Chinese industry has responded in force.

Rocla had already worked extensively with Aprolis (an ASAP parent company) and carried out projects in China. But in a market so critical, a strategic partner was needed. Looking to solidify and expand their position in the country, Rocla quickly recognized ASAP’s value as a strategic partner for going deeper into the Chinese market: a handling rentals company that is China-based, China-focused and plugged into parent company ADEN ’s network of 1,500 clients in 80 Chinese cities.


The path ahead was clear – Rocla and ASAP began their partnership in 2017 and have collaborated on multiple projects in the past two years. The partnership has only grown deeper since then, with Rocla signing an official partnership agreement with ASAP in October 2019.

• Automation for the paper manufacturing industry
• Automation for the pharmaceutical industry
• Collaboration on an improved warehouse management system.
• Dozens of automation projects in Europe through our parent company Aprolis

If you want to develop an automation project in your warehouse, ASAP is ready to make it happen. We are on the ground and directly available in China, with offices in Shanghai and Kunshan.

ASAP is fully independent and offers multi-product, multi-brand packages. Rocla is a key element of these. If you want to automate, we can give you expert advice on how and which Rocla AGV equipment is right for your facility, and which mix of automated products is optimal.
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