Supplier spotlight: Konecranes

Supplier spotlight: Konecranes

Ken Loh (Managing Director of Konecranes Lift Trucks) and Patrick Wozniak (General Manager of ASAP Rental)

It’s no secret that China’s ports are very big and very busy. China has, after all, been the engine of globalization for several decades. But even now, the figures for China’s global shipping still amaze: Chinese ports move 14.32 billion metric tons worth of goods. Globally, seven of the world’s ten busiest ports are here in China, with Shanghai ranking number one.

Moving heavy goods at a Chinese scale is no small task. Especially as One Belt, One Road propels international trade, China’s shipping and logistics industries need powerful handling fleets that are up to the challenge. Whose equipment is durable, powerful and reliable enough for round-the-clock, operations in the world’s biggest ports?

The answer is Konecranes, and – thanks to a recently signed partnership – ASAP Rental. This supplier agreement means ASAP can now help companies upgrade to some of the world’s best heavy-duty lift trucks, with long-term rentals and a CapEx solution that dramatically lowers upfront costs.


Founded in Sweden in 1910, Konecranes has enjoyed 110 years of growth and expansion. Today, Konecranes equipment is in use at 600 locations worldwide, with a presence in almost 50 countries.

Known for its premium equipment, Konecranes manufactures a comprehensive suite of port machinery. Besides the heavy-duty lift trucks that ASAP will be offering, Konecranes also manufactures a variety of crane types (yard cranes, goliath cranes, ship-to-shore and more), containers and other port equipment.

In 2017, Konecranes boasted a revenue of 3.13 billion USD. The company has kept itself at the industry’s cutting edge by investing a healthy share of this profit towards R&D. Recent innovations to come out of Konecranes’ design labs include smart trucks and the industry’s first hybrid reach stacker, which cuts diesel consumption and emissions by up to 30%.


ASAP’s supplier agreement with Konecranes builds on a longer history between Konecranes and Aprolis, a parent company of ASAP. Through Aprolis, we have already collaborated on a number of Europe-based Konecranes projects in Spain, Belgium, Romania, Portugal and Luxembourg.

Now, the time has come for stepped up collaboration in the heart of Asia. ASAP will leverage its full China network (and that of parent company Aden) to support partners who require the most powerful grade of handling equipment.

ASAP will focus on long-term rentals of equipment from the Konecranes Blue line, which specializes in:


Whether your company specializes in ports and logistics, or another industry that requires powerful lifting, ASAP is ready to help. We are on the ground in China and directly available at our offices in Shanghai and Kunshan.

ASAP is fully independent and offers multi-product, multi-brand packages, with Konecranes the latest and most exciting addition to our extensive supplier network. We can offer you:

– expert assessment of your workflow and needs
– a carefully calibrated menu of handling fleet solutions, including Konecranes products
– a shift away from high OpEx towards a more balanced CapEx solution
– a range of contract types: long-term rental, fleet outsourcing or even equipment purch

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