Supplier spotlight: Konecranes


It’s no secret that China’s ports are very big and very busy. China has, after all, been the engine of globalization for several decades. But even now, the figures for China’s global shipping still amaze: Chinese ports move 14.32 billion metric tons worth of goods. Globally, seven of the world’s ten busiest ports are here […]

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Supplier Spotlight: Rocla


Imagine staffing a warehouse with some of the world’s most dependable, fully automated AGVs: No accidents. Skyrocketing safety levels. Smooth workflows allowing 24/7 operations. Employees freed up from the repetitive work that sinks morale and drains energy from the workforce. Because of ASAP’s long-term partnership with Rocla, this vision of Industry 4.0 is now possible […]

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“The Numbers Don’t Lie”: Patrick Wozniak on the LI battery revolution


What changes do handling fleet managers see when they switch to lithium ion batteries? Where do I start? LI batteries have so many advantages! For one, you don’t need a charge room anymore. You just need a charger and then it’s “plug and play” for your handling equipment. And equipment charging time goes way down, […]

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“Automation is a process, not a one-time purchase”: a 360° look at industrial automation


Patrick Wozniak is the General Manager of ASAP Rental. We spoke to Patrick about how automation can transform the industrial logistics and handling industry.

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