ASAP Rental’s keynote speech at Global Supply Chain Council

Automation success isn’t about how many AGV you have. It’s about having the expertise to carefully program new equipment into your warehouse systems. Patrick Wozniak (ASAP General Manager) shared this and many more insights when he spoke at the Supply Chain Network Ltd event “Robotics in the Warehouse: Changing the Fulfillment Paradigm.”

“The devil is in the details” said Wozniak. In China’s booming automation market, there are plenty of manufacturers; “the secret ingredient is having a strategic automation partner with the know-how to find the best automated equipment for your warehouse and practical experience overseeing its programming, implementation and management. That’s ASAP, and that’s the heart of our mission.” To illustrate this, Wozniak presented several ASAP automation success stories in China’s printing and pharmaceutical industries. If you’d like to see how ASAP can deliver a 360-degree auto-guided vehicle solution at your site, send us a message today.