ASAP Rental provides Namei with automated warehousing solutions

ASAP Rental has signed a new contract with Namei, a leading consumer goods manufacturer, to provide their Hangzhou-based smart factory with advanced automated warehousing solutions. These include twelve auto-guided carts and three auto-guided vehicles sourced from our partners, HikVision and ROCLA.

Warehousing automation is a crucial step to ongoing business competitiveness in today’s manufacturing climate. But automation is a process, not a one-time purchase, and requires people power too. On top of the hardware, ASAP Rental’s experts will carefully review Namei’s assets, maintenance and operational status for a customized solution that fully integrates our automation hardware and software into their specific ERP and WMS.

ASAP Rental is a joint venture between Aden and Aprolis that combines Aden’s powerful network in Asia with Aprolis’ 100-year legacy in the handling industry.