ASAP on-site: fleet maintenance and management

ASAP on-site: fleet maintenance and management

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A look at our technical teams, the critical role they play in service, efficiency, and ASAP’s fleet maintenance and outsourcing solution

Fleet maintenance and management chief engineer

Meet Simon, one of ASAP’s veteran technicians. Simon is stationed on-site at a world-famous tire production plant in Shanghai. He oversees comprehensive fleet maintenance for the entire site’s handling equipment. Their fleet was upgraded and optimized through ASAP’s fleet outsourcing solution. Simon keeps it in top shape.

Simon is one part of ASAP’s greatest asset: its team of expert technicians. ASAP engineers work directly with partners to maintain fleets small and large; keeping everything at top efficiency and productivity.

ASAP has always focused on being a “one-stop-shop” for all handling needs. In this 360˚ model, the human element – the expert technicians who provide their responsiveness, experience and expertise – are the most critical. That’s why we will be looking at one technician and the innovative tools he uses to optimize our clients’ fleet.

As the chief technician on-site, Simon is in charge of managing a state-of-the-art fleet containing more than 40 high-end lifting vehicles. It is his responsibility to keep the fleet running safely and at peak operational capability.  

“The client needs all equipment to be operational and safely operated with minimal breakdowns so that there are no delays in production,” he says. “Our on-site handling of equipment, such as forklift maintenance, is the most important asset to ensure for the efficient production in warehousing and shipping operations.”

More than outsourcing: ASAP’s rental + maintenance keeps your fleet at peak operational capability

Today in China, over 90% of businesses are using rented forklifts in their handling fleets. This is an impressive indicator of the industry’s shift towards more flexible leasing solutions. However, hardware and equipment alone do not solve all the challenges of fleet management. Many companies have learned the hard way that their equipment is only as good as its upkeep. Without actionable maintenance teams, productivity suffers. Often, businesses find themselves struggling to source service teams with the necessary level of know-how and responsiveness to real-time problems.   

Enter ASAP Rental. Our model combines flexible rental with China-based, expert teams. Simon points out three key ideas that clients should remember when thinking about fleet management:

What do ASAP technicians do on-site?

Simon provides expert fleet maintenance for our client in Shanghai

While ASAP solutions vary (and customized to each client’s specific needs) it is helpful to look at Simon’s role as chief engineer. This gives insight into the significant value that an ASAP technician is able to generate for our partners.

Simon’s primary responsibility is to carry out regular maintenance and upkeep. This includes:

On-site with the partner. Developing with the partner.

Simon has been with the same client for over 2 years now. During this time, he has developed a deep understanding of their operations and equipment. Knowing the site and its operations, he is able to handle problems and manage the fleet faster and more efficiently.

“I know exactly when every dozen or so machines need new oil and filters, which machines need their lifting chain lubricated, the situation of tire wear, and how weather changes will affect batteries. In the event that the site suddenly finds itself with a disaster, I can quickly administer emergency procedures to the equipment.”

Simon summarizes his relationship with the client like this:

ASAP's chief engineers are responsible for expert fleet maintenance and management at sites in China

“The most important point is to understand the client’s requirements, as well as those of the equipment and go the extra mile. For instance, if the client has particularly high operational safety requirements, then we don’t just need to provide safety installations on the equipment; we also will use the digital FMS to help the client integrate this effort with equipment and personnel management solutions. Through these combined processes we can guarantee the client a systematic solution for upholding safety standards.”

Among any technician’s most crucial responsibilities is maintaining clear communication from the start to the end of the outsourcing process as well as operating the fleet management system (FMS) to generate management reports. He ensures the quality of these services by:

He notes, “In this process, the client can also go through our information sharing and professional technology to deepen their understanding and get the most from their partnership with ASAP Rental.”