ASAP joins the China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance

ASAP joins the China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance

Shortly after the 6th anniversary of its founding, ASAP was invited to join the China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance. ASAP has always strived to build our trust and reputation with our clients through our expertise and innovation. We’re proud that this has also earned us recognition in the broader market and honored to join the ranks of key industry players in the alliance.

The China Mobile Robotics (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance is an industry-based organization jointly initiated and established by high-quality enterprises, institutions and media platforms in the intelligent mobile robot industry chain. It was founded in Shanghai in October 2017 to address and support the needs of handling-intensive businesses by sharing scientific and technological resources and through long-term cooperation between industry, university and researchers. The alliance is committed to supporting the overall improvement of intelligent logistics and mobile robot technology. Since its official establishment, the alliance has successfully held three annual meetings and three international AGV conferences, attracting more than 350 outstanding companies from all over the world to join.

ASAP has continuously risen to meet rapidly evolving market needs through advanced technologies such as automation solutions, lithium-ion battery technology, and Internet of Things fleet management tools. ASAP has also been dedicated to providing a 360-degree leasing and service platform that combines multi-product, multi-brand hardware solutions into an advanced fleet management platform, whether man-powered or automated handling vehicles and equipment.

Being at the forefront of innovative technologies has allowed ASAP to better serve our clients in a quickly developing industry. Now, and in the future, ASAP will leverage its membership in the China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance ASAP. By drawing on the combined strength of the network, ASAP will continue to accelerate efficiency and innovation in the handling industry and provide customers with more high-quality solutions.

Joining the alliance is an honorable recognition; it is also a responsibility. As a member of the Alliance, ASAP is dedicated to cooperating and collaborating with industry pioneers in information and technology exchanges, participating in alliance meetings and training activities, and keeping abreast of cutting-edge technologies and industry trends.