ASAP Rental provides fleet maintenance for Jiatong Automotive, a subsidiary of CGT

ASAP Rental provides fleet maintenance for Jiatong Automotive, a subsidiary of CGT

CGT is a multinational designer and producer of automotive interior coating fabrics and materials. Headquartered in Canada, CGT is one of the most prestigious and long-standing automotive interior decoration manufacturers in North America. Currently, CGT has factories in Canada, the United States and China, with an annual output of more than 44 million cloth yards.

As a subsidiary of CGT, Jiatong Automotive Interiors (Changshu) Co., Ltd. officially entered the Chinese market in 2006. In 20011, it established a Chinese manufacturing plant in Changshu High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province. Now, Jiatong has more than 300 employees and a customer base including GM, Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Great Wall, Geely, and other well-known domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers.

ASAP Rental provides Jiatong Automotive Interiors (Changshu) Co., Ltd. with a full package of repair and maintenance services. Our solution covers maintenance for the entire fleet, including electric counterbalanced forklifts, electric pallet trucks, flatbed trucks and golf carts. We also added extra services, such as battery upkeep.

ASAP’s professional, efficient and caring service solution is built around several pillars that distinguish us from a single supplier:

Single SupplierASAP Rental
Limited products and services, which may not have been perfect to meet their needs.Multi-product, multi-brand equipment and parts with no exclusive cooperation agreement with any manufacturer. Our solution starts from the customer’s needs, then recommends suitable brands and products.
The service quality of individual suppliers is not satisfactory, the professional quality is not high, and the response speed is not fast.
ASAP’s advantage is not just products. We also rely on technology and talent. ASAP’s professional and responsive service engineers use an FMS for real-time information collection and data monitoring. They are on standby at any time.
If customers want to meet their business needs, they need to cooperate with multiple suppliers at the same time, and communication costs are high.
ASAP works as a single point of contact between many suppliers, effectively reducing the cost of communication and enabling the handling fleet to cooperate perfectly and operate efficiently.

ASAP stands out among the competition because we take time to learn more deeply about the difficulties and pain points facing each of our clients handling operations. After getting a detailed picture about the site, the fleet and the processes at the plant ASAP delivered a one-stop solution designed to save money and increase efficiency.

Aligning with our clients is the most important step to success. After thorough research and communication, our solutions are tailored to address customer needs. At the same time, ASAP draws on our strength as being a multi-product, multi-brand supplier not beholden to a single manufacturer. This approach allows us to suggest only the most products, incentivized only by success at their site. 

ASAP strives to be a 360-degree handling equipment service, covering all aspects from fleet outsourcing, management, maintenance and more.