ASAP brings a century of innovation to CJ Automotive

ASAP brings a century of innovation to CJ Automotive

Last month, ASAP Rental and CJ Automotive signed a contract to partner at their Chongqing production plant. ASAP will deliver CJ a one-stop, comprehensive handling-equipment fleet outsourcing solution, with equipment upgrades to newer and more suitable models built-in. All vehicles are linked to ASAP’s innovative digital platform for fleet management and backed by predictive and preventive maintenance and repair services. 

CJ Automotive is an important client for ASAP Rental in Chongqing and a major partner in the automotive industry. ASAP Rental and CJ Automotive’s collaboration brings together two innovative companies. CJ Automotive is a global leader in automotive accessories and has been a key manufacturer and supplier of pedal systems since 1959. CJ and ASAP both have over 100 years of history as innovators and are sure to continue transforming our respective industries with our partnership in Chongqing, a traditional center of automobile and automotive parts production.

Chongqing: China’s motor city

Chongqing is China’s largest automobile and auto accessories industry hub, integral to the global supply chain and home to the largest manufacturers in the business. In 2016, Chongqing became the first Chinese city to reach a production capacity of 3,000,000 cars per year.

Recently, Chongqing has been taking steps towards transforming its automotive factories into a smarter, safer and more efficient working environment through robotics and automation. The automobile industry has long used robotic assembly on the factory line, but automation is gradually making a push into all levels of production, logistics and supply chain operations. 

In 2020, faced with unique challenges brought by the pandemic, Chongqing accelerated its push towards automation and smart factories. The use of AGVs and AGCs, for example, has been a significant step in progressing towards automated industrial handling and is gradually becoming the norm at auto factories. However, there is still a long way to go. Currently, the penetration of AGVs and other automated handling equipment is not even at 10% in China’s automotive industry. Therefore, there is a growing need for providers of new handling solutions providers to realize this transformation.

Chongqing is a city with a huge opportunity for ASAP Rental. The rapid development of smart manufacturing and logistics management and the increasing number of businesses seeking these transformative solutions places ASAP in a strategic position to bridge the gaps. Furthermore, ASAP is making these solutions easily accessible without the need for large capital expenditure. 

ASAP relies on years of experience in traditional and automated handling equipment rental and fleet management and is eyeing a growing presence as an automation and service provider for Chongqing’s major industrial players, such as CJ automotive.

A one-stop-shop for customized automation and handling vehicle fleet solutions

Combining 100 years of industry experience in Europe and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs in China, ASAP Rental is a one-stop-shop providing customized, multi-brand solutions tailor-made to fit the exact needs of our clients.

Get started with three easy steps:

Get in touch

Go to our contact page and leave us a message describing your needs and contact information, ASAP will be in touch ASAP.

Site audit and solutions plan

ASAP experts will visit your site to perform an audit. After comprehensively assessing your needs, ASAP will provide a customized solution: 

– Multi-product, multi-brand choices

– Equipment rental or purchase

– Fleet outsourcing

– Repair and maintenance packages

Program implementation

– Maintenance of old equipment

– New equipment commissioning and installation

– Digital Fleet Management System